Immigration and the government shutdown is the fault of both Conservatives and Liberals

Politicians Need to Get Over Themselves and End the Shutdown

Voters are sick of politics as usual by both sides and want their ideas heard on slowing illegal border crossings, without a wall.

With the government shutdown now at nearly four weeks, Conservatives still maintain a hard line, no prisoner’s approach to immigration and Trump’s wall, while Democrats headed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Schumer have the same defiant, extreme Liberal attitude that cost them control of the U.S. Congress in 2010. Neither party has even considered reaching out to the public at large for their input and are becoming more vitriolic in their responses to Trump. Simply put Trump wants a wall, Democrats don’t and neither side will budge. I call it the “my way or no way syndrome”, which doesn’t bode well for America.

Depicts Liberal and Conservative media sources with most reliable in the center

Democrats and the Liberal media bombards readers with visual cues and horror stories about undocumented immigrants fleeing their homes, being attacked by U.S. troops, and incarcerated in detention centers to get an emotionally charged response with a goal of keeping open borders and budgeting tens of millions to help Hispanics apply for legal status and get other services. Conservatives and right wing media outlets tout crime, drugs, and the cost to taxpayers to provide public assistance and social security as a tactic to sell Trump’s wall to prevent a multitude of Hispanics from flooding across the border and disappearing among the masses. However, there has been no solid compilation of data or statistics to back up either parties claims.

Considering where immigrants enter the U.S. illegally, public and border patrol agent ideas make sense
  1. Pylons driven as deeply underground as possible to make digging tunnels for smuggling people and drugs into the U.S. more difficult.
  2. Use drones to patrol the Mexico/U.S. border and creating a space similar to a demilitarized zone with deep ditches and extremely steep sides to make border crossings harder. (A small minority have suggested placing barbed wire at the bottom of the ditches as a further deterrent). They want National Guard troops or border guards to patrol the area. (For most Americans using force against migrants is not an option.)
  3. Putting up wooden poles similar to telephone and electric poles and spaced evenly along the border with night vision cameras, way stations to house troops or private security personnel to watch live video feeds round the clock and dispersing multiple border control agents for their own safety, to round up anyone trying to cross the border illegally.
  4. Increasing the number of agents, local and state police, and some military personnel at legal crossings to check driver’s license's and green cards to make sure travelers are legal, pull over and search any vehicle (even those driven by American citizens) suspected of trying to smuggle drugs or other contraband into the U.S. and increasing the size of impound lots so that vehicles can be completely searched and driver’s can be arrested.
  5. Using money from drug busts along the border and confiscated by the DEA and other patrols at legal checkpoints to fund the improvements mentioned in numbers 1–5 to ease the burden on taxpayers.
  6. Constructing larger facilities on the Mexican side of the border to allow more immigrants to start the process of applying for a green card.
  7. Making Mexico’s receiving U.S. aid contingent on building infrastructure, schools, decent housing, etc. and teaching citizens carpentry and other trades in the poorer areas across Mexico and requiring the government to show proof U.S. dollars are being used correctly.
  8. Government funds for churches and other non-profits to help Mexican farmers create various irrigation systems and water collection sources to expand their ability to grow their own food. Encourage mobile dental and medical programs to provide immunizations, health and nutrition information, dental care, medication for diabetes and other long term medical conditions, immunizations, and TB tests at least semi-annually/annually.
  9. Student loan payment reduction for dental and medical students, agricultural students, engineering students, and students enrolled in vocational-technical schools or two year college programs, and those in apprenticeship programs if they volunteer. Paid summer internships for college students to earn while working in Mexico to help with college costs.
  10. Tax credits for individuals, construction and other companies, and financial institutions. They want credits dependent on dollars given to supply building materials, surveillance and other equipment, farming supplies and other improvements for the poorest areas. Many proponents don’t trust banks and want a requirement that dollars spent be itemized in a public report semi-annually.

There will always be proponents of a wall. The aforementioned ideas would be more cost effective and expedient while providing skilled labor for Hispanics. As life in Mexican communities and their citizens improved the number of immigrants entering the U.S. illegally or going to work for the cartels in Mexico would decrease.

There would also be new employment opportunities for American workers including local and state police, construction companies, U.S. National Guard troops or reservists as the number of soldiers returning home from overseas increases, and for those working in security or computer technology. A large number of voters from both parties believe their ideas would be a win, win, for everyone. That is if the far left or the far right will even listen to the public or consider their ideas.

ECE Consult & social media support, parenting, edu; grassroots family and political advocate now unaffiliated voter Twitter @Jsouthderose

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