History of Roe V Wade and rise of Anti-abortion Activism and Violence

This is not about abortion per SE, but the dangers inherent in religion and one party rule legislate our lives and values

Anti-abortion protesters call them selves righteous Christians yet hurl threats and accusations at women
This video shot during the summer of mercy event in Wichita, KS in 1991 was uploaded onto You Tube in 2007
The televangelist says abortions done in unsafe, unclean conditions truth is that was BEFORE Roe V Wade

Violence and the anti-abortion movement

Militant Kansans for Life were glad Dr. Tiller was murdered.

The internet reaches millions of Right to Life groups and activists

The politics of the Anti-Abortion Movement

Regardless of Ralph Reed words he and right-wing religious leaders began backing Conservatives with Reagan


ECE Consult & social media support, parenting, edu; grassroots family and political advocate now unaffiliated voter https://www.quora.com/ Twitter @Jsouthderose

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