Millions are abandoning the two established political parties

Both left and right political extremism has driven voters away in droves

Even young children can develop aggressive violent behaviors

Freedom depends on shedding racist political and religious shackles

My high school in Wichita, Kansas in the mid to late sixties was a hotbed of racism

Change comes from truths about the past and revelations

Trump’s failed promise to protect American jobs and the 2018 Republican tax law are costing jobs

Once it was called corporate raiding but either way American jobs are lost

T Boone Pickens and Perelman were famed corporate raiders. Pickens video on how to takeover a company

Corporate raiders destroyed companies and cut jobs

The KS candidate paints himself as a populist and man of the people, but the ‘real Kobach’ is much darker

There has always been a dark and racist side to Kobach’s politics

Teachers want specialized training to work with students Pre-K — high school

Helping students learn positive ways to express feelings at school

How Trump won the presidency using the theatrics taken from reality TV and playing the media

Photo by Mark Kamalov on Unsplash

Mosquitoes carry viruses that can result in death or the deformity of unborn fetuses

Most viruses spread by mosquitoes or resulting diseases have no vaccine

Destroy Mosquito breeding grounds close to home

Jerrie (South)DeRose

ECE Consult & social media support, parenting, edu; grassroots family and political advocate now unaffiliated voter Twitter @Jsouthderose

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